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stormtrooper undersuit

Product Code: ST501 | Manufacturer: extreme racing | Condition: New | Weight: 0.5Kg

star wars stormtrooper undersuit, 501st legion and UK garrison approved don't forget to use your member discount codes

Manufactured using a high quality specifically blended cotton & lycra fabric for enhanced moisture management and thermal protection. 

The blended fabric reacts to all kinds of different conditions, from excessive heat to extreme cold. In warm weather, perspiration is removed from the skin surface keeping the wearer cooler, conversely in cold conditions the natural thermal properties of the fabric allow heat to be retained. Should excess heat occur, the fabric disperses it in the usual manner.

The fabric is light weight & durable keeping the wearer comfortable at all times, a two way zip for easier toilet trips & alow temp washnon iron care instructions.

Sizing FAQ: If you are at the top end of both chest & height in the size chart choose the next size up, if you are in between sizes always go for the next size up, if you are tall with a smaller chest size choose your height for sizing. 


Chest sizes  

Max Height  


32" to 36"

81cm to 92cm 

5' 6"



36" to 38"

92cm to 96cm

5' 8"



38" to 40"

99cm to 107cm  

5' 10" 



42" to 44"

108cm to 112cm

6' 2"



46" to 48"

115cm to 122cm

6' 4"




stormtrooper undersuit

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Good quality!

I bought in the past 1 Stormtrooper one piece sized L. Although it stretches enough I felt I could do better so I had to try a size bigger and I'm glad I did! If fits almost perfect, the collar could be a bit tighter but not a big problem. Besides that if feels great, my body is able to breath and I can troop for several hours without feeling I'm swimming in a big pool. Recommend for those that own a Stormtrooper armor and troop with the 501st Legion.

Pedro Apr 28 2016, 00:01 am

Great service.

First I got the wrong suit with logo's, but they send me a new one without them. Great service. Thank you! Great fit and comfortable. :)

TB13139 Feb 16 2016, 08:06 am


This undersuit is a perfect fit! It's very comfortable and I can move around in it with ease!

Mario Feb 12 2016, 21:10 pm

Excellent Stormtrooper Body Suit!

I'm a 501st Stormtrooper and I have purchased two of these one-piece body suits. Overall, they are pretty excellent. Not too heavy or thick - and they breathe really well and keep the sweat down during hot troops. They are also durable and the stitching is solid. Plus, I like that they are completely black with no logos of any kind on them. I can't count the number of guys who have Under Armour logos showing - which really kills the illusion.

TK-73844 Oct 23 2015, 18:39 pm


Perfectly made undersuit that fit's me perfectly which is always a surprise at my height! Customer service was very quick to respond to any queries and problems I had.

Rob Aug 25 2015, 17:22 pm

Under suit - like!

I ordered the stormtrooper under suit to wear along with my stormtrooper armour. It's perfect! All arrived as promised.

barry Jul 13 2015, 17:16 pm


All round great service . Undersuit is perfect as was the service and delivery .will be using again .defiantly

tkwhite Jul 07 2015, 05:58 am


I have been all over the Internet looking for a bodysuit for quite some time now. I have run into your bodysuit but was hesitant to buy because it was out of the country. I am always sceptical purchasing items out of the country when it is. High dollar item. Well I took that leap of faith and man I sure am glad I did. It fits perfect. It is comfortable even when you are sweating bullets while defending the empire. Highly recommend this bodysuit.

Reno Rodriguez Jun 29 2015, 00:10 am

Exactly as advertised

Seems like great quality suit. Can definitely see the benefits of the temperature regulation of the fabric already from just a few wears. Only downside is it's a little right in the crotch region and I even went one size up; 5'9" and purchased an XL but over all pleased thus far

Anonymous Jun 02 2015, 23:03 pm

one piece undersuit

The one piece undersuit is exactly what I was after for my TD build. The undersuit is lightweight without being too thin, and breathable enough for me to be able to wear on hot days without overheating. I gladly recommend this product as a big plus for troopers everywhere.

Craig Ellis Dec 03 2014, 02:03 am

Fits perfect

I'm pretty small (166cm) and was looking for the correct suit. Now I finally found it ;-)

Anonymous Oct 29 2014, 11:47 am

Not just for stormtroopers

I actually got this for my Mandalorian to use as a undersuit. The suit is form fitting, and it makes for easy movement around events. The cooling is nice with all the armor on, but I wouldn't expect it to make things comfortable, it just reduces the amount of heat a bit more than a flight suit does. The material is very strong and can take a bit of a beating, not that I'd really try and punish it though. Overall it's a great undersuit for a wide array of costumes and I highly recommend it.

Varex Aug 05 2014, 17:45 pm

Stromtrooper undersuit

It's a perfect undersuit, I like it.

Anonymous Jul 25 2014, 07:36 am

body suit

I receive my body suits and I'm very happy with them, I like the feel and they look good very happy trooper here thank you very much :-)

Anthony May 26 2014, 18:23 pm

Quality & fast

Excellent suit, very comfortable & fast delivery. well done & thank you

Anonymous Apr 19 2013, 07:56 am

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